A heart-felt message of thanks from MTS President Dr. Jay Earheart-Brown

DSC_2485Thank you!
If you gave a generous year-end gift – thank you!
If you gave earlier in 2012 and pledge to give again in 2013 – thank you!
If you pray for, volunteer for, root for Memphis Theological Seminary – thank you!
You are an important part of what makes our mission work.
You are sitting next to seminary students in classrooms today.
You are keeping faculty company as they teach, grade, mentor and prepare for the spring 2013 classes.
You are helping the Admissions Director counsel a potential student.
You are looking over the shoulder of the Financial Aid Director as he searches for scholarships.
You are shushing others in the library so that studying and researching are the primary occupations there.
You are an important part of what makes our mission work, and together, we are preparing faith leaders for the future.
Thank you!
May God bless your personal ministry in 2013.
I look forward to hearing from you again.
Dr. Jay