Where do pastors come from?

Photo courtesy of the Wilson Family Foundation – Lee Morris

Where does a seminary student from the Cumberland Presbyterian, United Methodist, AME, CME, Disciples of Christ, Baptist, COGIC, PC(USA), and 20+ other denominations go to prepare to be a faith leader for the future?


You know the answer!  Memphis Theological Seminary.  It’s been the training ground for ministers for the last 160 years, from its location on the Bethel campus in McKenzie, TN, in the early days to its location in Memphis since 1964.  Chances are good that your pastor is a graduate of MTS, has attended classes, lectures and community worship services, and/or accesses the library for study and research.


Every year around this time, you and the congregation where you worship or serve is asked to support the mission of Memphis Theological Seminary by making a gift on Seminary Sunday.  And so we ask you – with grateful hearts for past gifts and the knowledge that there are any number of organizations that need your support – to host a Seminary Sunday in 2013.  The date is not important; what’s important is that you believe in the mission of MTS to prepare faith leaders for the future of the Church, and want to partner with us in this mission.


We can provide you with bulletin inserts – one for the Sunday before, as preparation, and one for Seminary Sunday.  We can provide offering envelopes, student preachers or speakers – just about anything you need to host a Seminary Sunday.  For more information, contact Mary Proctor at mproctor@memphisseminary.edu or 901.334.5801.


Our students provide the greatest testimonials about what this seminary education means to them and their efforts to answer God’s call on their lives.  Please read them, then choose a date for your own Seminary Sunday – or talk to your pastor and encourage him/her to host one.  Your partnership with Memphis Theological Seminary means a stronger Church!