Men are People, Too! – by Cathi Johnson

I’m always amazed at how the male mind works when there is a fix-it project in front of them.

There was the time a watering golf-cart had lost the cap to the water thingamajig, and I was envisioning hiring a welder to make a new screw-on cap. The next week, I saw a man had taken an empty water bottle and simply plugged in the hole. Problem solved!


Then there was the time my husband and I took our CJ-5 Jeep off-roading, and at the bottom of a hill, the carburetor wouldn’t do its thing, causing the engine to shut down. There we were, lost in the vast wilderness of this off-road park, waiting for someone, anyone to come by and help us out. Suddenly, at the top of the hill, appeared 6 teenage boys on 4-wheelers. When they reached us, a definite sparkle was in their eyes. Oh, goodie – a vehicle that needs fixin’! With me standing by helplessly, they and my husband poured over and talked about the engine for a while, and to keep a long, long story blessedly short, eventually we made it to the top.

But the ending isn’t always this good or this easy.

Why do men want to rush in headlong when all women want them to do is listen? Why are they from Mars when Venus is so much more appealing?

And just how do these differences play out in the local church, where both men and women roam, where conflicts arise in committee meetings and marriages?

At church, the pastor – whether male or female – must know to expect and how to handle the interesting concerns, discussions and conflicts that will arise when men and women get together. It’s not always a pastoral gift, if you know what I mean!

At Memphis Theological Seminary, we teach practical and effective church leadership. We teach everything from conflict resolution to how to moderate a finance committee meeting. We teach pastoral care and working with families, teenagers and children.

Your gifts to Memphis Theological Seminary ensure that when Mars and Venus align, the outcome can be a positive one! Please continue to support this worthy ministry. One day you may find yourself at the bottom of a hill, looking up for help.