Till We’re All Free

Who’s Got Your Blues? Kirk Whalum with John Kilzer from Beale Street Caravan on Vimeo.

Dr. King had a dream, and those who follow in his footsteps express that dream in many different ways.
Inspiration has struck Grammy-award winning jazz musician and MTS alumnus Kirk Whalum, who has written a song in honor of Dr. King’s dream. Kirk and fellow musician and MTS alumnus John Kilzer* perform this song with its great lyrics, “Till we’re all free, ain’t nobody free.”  We hope it inspires you as it has us.
Produced by Beale Street Caravan, “Who’s Got Your Blues” is a video series that explores the story and reach of blues music through compositions, performances, and interviews from non-traditional artists.
*John Kilzer is the Director of At The River:  The Theology & Arts Program at Memphis Theological Seminary.  He is also founder and pastor of The Way, a service for those in recovery, held Friday nights at St. John’s UMC in Memphis.  John says we are all in recovery of something, and invites you to join him for The Way.