Guide Addicts to Sobriety Through Counseling

Do you know someone addicted to drugs or alcohol?  Do you wish you could help?

Has God called you to work with people of all ages who are struggling against overpowering addictions?  Do you feel a sense of urgency to guide them to sobriety?

Is your heart set on being a counselor for those with drug and alcohol addictions?

Well, you’ll need proper certification to take that step.  And you can get it right here, in your own backyard, at Memphis Theological Seminary.

MTS has a special program to prepare you academically to take the state certification exam.  In fact, MTS is the only seminary that has been approved by the NAADAC* to offer a Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counseling Certificate.

It’s a unique certificate program.  You’ll be immersed with a small group of like-minded students, all aiming for the same goal.  You’ll take three sessions, each consisting of two classes held on Fridays/Saturdays for 10 weeks.  All classes meet on the MTS campus or on-line.

You can begin with Session 1 or Session 2.  Click here to find dates and schedules.  But don’t delay!  Applications are limited because of the intimate nature of the courses.  Start your application process today!

God has given you a special gift.  Counseling those in deepest despair is not for everyone.  These fragile people need you – they need an educated confidante who will show them Christ in the world and in their future.

Don’t delay answering your call to Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counseling.

* Memphis Theological Seminary is one of only 20 institutions nationwide and the only seminary that is currently listed as an approved academic education provider by the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC).  Courses offered by NAADAC Approved Education Providers meet the requirements of the National Certification Commission for applicants seeking initial certification as addiction counselors, or those recertifying.  In addition, many states automatically accept training hours from NAADAC approved Education Providers towards state certification or re-certification requirements.