Dean Stan Wood Sets Tone for Graduation

One of the highlights of the year at Memphis Theological Seminary is graduation, when what could be a boring event often turns into an exuberant worship service!  The 2013 graduation service did not disappoint.  Following the powerful invocation by Dean Dr. Stan Wood, we enjoyed both high church and contemporary music and a rousing message by internationally renowned author and speaker Dr. Phyllis Tickle.

Dr. Wood’s prayer is shared with you below.

“God of New Beginning, Wisdom and Truth,

This day we celebrate the accomplishments of students who receive their degrees and now leave Memphis Theological Seminary to move on to new chapters in their lives. We invoke Your blessings upon them.

Empower these graduates, purify their intentions, and grant them strength to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired here — with confidence, but without arrogance, with serious determination and good humor, with rigorous intellect and loving hearts.  Let what they have learned here be a resource on which they draw, in whatever work they select.

Gather us as your people in this moment of worship.  On this eve of Pentecost, bless us with your presence and inspire us to serve you.  Breathe your life into our hearts. Wake our spirits to knowledge, wisdom, understanding, courage, and service.  Let your fire smolder in us and light up our path.

Paraclete, You are our inspiration.   From you come power, wisdom and truth. So, abide with us as we worship you in spirit and in truth.

We pray in the Name of Jesus the Christ. Amen”