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Drug and Alcohol 2013

Who moved my pastor? By Cathi Johnson

Who moved my pastor

  Years ago, I read a book called “Who Moved My Cheese?,” about two mice and two little-people who had some decisions to make about survival when their readily available cheese was suddenly gone.  It’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to what humans do when changes are afoot.  Some hunker down and insist things must remain the […]

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I went to a graduation, and church broke out! – by Cathi Johnson


As I sat among trustees, with faculty in front of me and family members behind me, graduates to my right and more family to my left, I enjoyed the bubbling wellspring of goodwill and excitement.  It was intended to be a graduation ceremony for 53 seminary students, but instead, church broke out! We often talk […]

Dean Stan Wood Sets Tone for Graduation

One of the highlights of the year at Memphis Theological Seminary is graduation, when what could be a boring event often turns into an exuberant worship service!  The 2013 graduation service did not disappoint.  Following the powerful invocation by Dean Dr. Stan Wood, we enjoyed both high church and contemporary music and a rousing message […]

Don’t Judge Me! – by Cathi Johnson


Today was my last class on Romans – and it was a doozy! As I reflect back over this semester, I find that once again I have learned tons more in 13 weeks than I ever learned in 13 years of attending church, Sunday School, Bible studies and church functions. I was introduced more closely […]

Guide Addicts to Sobriety Through Counseling

Do you know someone addicted to drugs or alcohol?  Do you wish you could help? Has God called you to work with people of all ages who are struggling against overpowering addictions?  Do you feel a sense of urgency to guide them to sobriety? Is your heart set on being a counselor for those with […]

A Methodist, Baptist, Catholic and Pentecostal walk into a bar… – by Cathi Johnson

Holy paths

Not really – that was just to get your attention. This group wasn’t in a bar, but instead breaking bread on the seminary campus with members of a local foundation that provides generous scholarships for four students. I was astounded at the diversity in a room of seven people. Lisa Nelson is a Licensed Evangelist […]

Formation Reflections on Praying the Text


The following posts are here by permission of the two students who wrote them. What is your own experience with prayer and Bible study? Reflection 1 As I read Psalm 139, I found it difficult to place myself in the passage. Yet, that was the problem. I read, looking for personal application, unaware of how […]

Catching a Lion on Main Street

With masterful weaving of stories, Rev. Jody Hill shares with the congregation of First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Greeneville, TN, how educated and trained preachers are changing the world.  The reference to catching a lion is that you can catch one on Main Street if one shows up, but if you want to really improve […]