Netters Certificate Program

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Dr. James L. Netters Certificate in Congregational Ministry
Memphis Theological Seminary

Memphis Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the Dr. James L. Netters Certificate in Congregational Ministry. This certificate program is designed for persons who are active in congregational life but not interested in pursuing a Masters level degree. This certificate program aspires to prepare Christian leaders (lay and clergy) to offer competent leadership in congregational life. This program provides high-level theological education for associate ministers, Sunday school teachers, committee chairpersons and others who serve the church.

The “What”

This is a six-course, eighteen-hour, certificate program taught by regular and adjunct faculty of Memphis Theological Seminary. Courses include the following:

2014-2015 Schedule of Classes

Fall 2014

Building Your Ministry – Dr. William Rosser (October – November, 2014)

How do we draw upon social, cultural, institutional, and financial resources to build our ministry? In this course, we will investigate and evaluate different ways to build effective ministry. This will include attention to the use of social media, fund-raising, and creating and sustaining a non-profit organization.

Mission and Outreach – Dr. Andre Johnson (October – November, 2014)

What is our mission as church? How do we identify and promote the mission of our church? How might our mission include a variety of ministries? In this course, we will consider the theological foundations for church mission, varieties of church outreach, and the practical skills necessary for engaging in outreach.

Spring 2015

Diversity in the Christian Tradition (March – April, 2015)

What is the family tree of Christianity? Where did our brothers and sisters in Christ come from? In this course, we will examine the history of Christianity to understand better our shared heritage, our places of agreement and disagreement, and our possibilities for shared life and ongoing conversation in the faith.

Bible and Ministry (March – April, 2015)

How do we come to understand biblical texts to relate them to the life of discipleship in the contemporary world? In this course, we will consider different ways to interpret the Bible. In addition, we will discover how context is important in understanding biblical texts, and how we share biblical meanings with other people of faith.

Summer 2015

Proclaiming the Word (June – July, 2015)

How do we effectively proclaim the Word of God? How do we prepare and deliver a sermon that will be transformative for our hearers? In this course, we will explore different ways of preparation for and engaging in the practice of preaching.

Biblical Theology (June – July, 2015)

What are the foundations of the Christian faith and how are they rooted in the Bible?  How do we build upon those foundations through our own faith reflections and sharing with others in pastoral contexts? In this course, we will examine central Christian faith convictions in relation to the Bible. We will also consider different approaches to our own work of doing biblically based theological reflection.

The “When”

Courses will be taught on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, four hours each, two courses per quarter. Students who complete all six courses receive the Netters Certificate awarded by Memphis Theological Seminary. The tuition for each course is $175.00. All courses will be taught on the seminary campus.

Contact Information

For more information about this new educational opportunity at Memphis Theological Seminary, please contact Melissa Malinoski, Admissions Associate at (901) 334-5857, or Dr. Andre E. Johnson, Netters Assistant Professor of Rhetoric & Religion and African American Studies at (901) 334-5817.

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