Degree Programs

Memphis Theological Seminary offers the Master of Divinity (M.Div.), the Master of Arts (Religion)(MAR), and the Master of Arts in Youth Ministry (MAYM) degrees, as well as the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree.

*Theological Colloquia*

The colloquia are intended to provide theological learning opportunities beyond the classroom through dialogue and exposure to scholarship, preaching, teaching, and the life work of scholars, practitioners, and leaders who exemplify the mission goals of MTS. A listing of “approved” events that will fulfill this requirement will be published on the electronic website bulletin board and postings on campus. Traditionally, these approved events have consisted of MTS-sponsored lecture series; however, students may obtain approval to attend a limited number of events not sponsored by MTS to earn colloquia credits. It is expected that all Theological Colloquia credit will be earned by students attending the approved events; however, if a student is unable to attend the colloquia events in person, he/she may earn up to 50% of the colloquia credits by viewing video tapes of the missed lectures. Most lecture series tapes are available in the MTS library. Students may submit a one-page synopsis for each lecture missed to the Registrar’s Office no later than one calendar month after the first date of the lecture series missed. All written documents are required to be written in compliance with the current version of the MLA Handbook.

Statement of Educational Effectiveness: Memphis Theological Seminary is committed to educating and sustaining men and women for ordained and lay Christian ministry in the church and the world through shaping and inspiring lives devoted to scholarship, piety and justice. More than 80% of our graduates enter our degree programs, complete them and find appointments within one year of graduation that they felt were appropriate to their vocational intentions.