Formation Reflections on Praying the Text


The following posts are here by permission of the two students who wrote them. What is your own experience with prayer and Bible study? Reflection 1 As I read Psalm 139, I found it difficult to place myself in the passage. Yet, that was the problem. I read, looking for personal application, unaware of how […]

Catching a Lion on Main Street

With masterful weaving of stories, Rev. Jody Hill shares with the congregation of First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Greeneville, TN, how educated and trained preachers are changing the world.  The reference to catching a lion is that you can catch one on Main Street if one shows up, but if you want to really improve […]

Get Your Hands Dirty in Youth Ministry


Our future is in the hands of young people.  Are you called to lead them?   Are you called to Youth Ministry? Do you believe your future is to work with youth in a church setting, but have no idea where to go from here? Memphis Theological Seminary introduces a new Master of Arts in […]

Till We’re All Free


Who’s Got Your Blues? Kirk Whalum with John Kilzer from Beale Street Caravan on Vimeo. Dr. King had a dream, and those who follow in his footsteps express that dream in many different ways. Inspiration has struck Grammy-award winning jazz musician and MTS alumnus Kirk Whalum, who has written a song in honor of Dr. King’s […]

Different yet Familiar – by Cathi Johnson


  I didn’t know Jimmy well, but his wife Sheila and I are long-time friends from way back in our very early 20s.  Along with Laurie, Kim, CJ, Debbie and Jackie, we have gathered together over the past 30 years for weddings, births, deaths and gossip sessions over dinner.  We all feel relatively young in […]

Men are People, Too! – by Cathi Johnson


I’m always amazed at how the male mind works when there is a fix-it project in front of them. There was the time a watering golf-cart had lost the cap to the water thingamajig, and I was envisioning hiring a welder to make a new screw-on cap. The next week, I saw a man had […]

What does Satan look like? – by Cathi Johnson


    Have you been watching the History Channel program, The Bible? Or at least heard about it?! What has inspired you about this program? Is it the miracle of how God enabled Abraham and Sarah to bear children in their advanced old age? Is it the faith of Noah in building an ark in […]

The Big Question – by Cathi Johnson


In teaching settings, there are two types of questions.  One has an answer in fact, such as “Is the earth round?”  The other just generates more questions, such as “Which scripture should be taken literally, and which should be read as hyperbole, parable or illustration to make a point?” In theological discussions, too often the […]

One Student’s Reflection on Calling


In one of the Formation for Ministry classes this week, the readings and scripture centered on Callings. Members of the class were asked to write a brief paper on the sense of calling at this time and the risks involved in following that calling. With permission from the student, we are sharing one of those […]

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Dr. Wil Gafney


Celebrate Women’s History Month during the Todd Lectures with Dr. Wil Gafney on March 5-6, 2013, at Lindenwood Christian Church. The lectures are: Lecture 1: The Darkly Radiant Image of God: Black and Female Lecture 2: A Legion of Preaching Women: Women Prophets in Ancient Israel Lecture 3: Bathsheba’s Legacy: Royal Women of Israel and Judah Lecture Times […]