A Word From The President


Thank you for taking time to see what is happening at MTS. I want to start by telling you why I give to help support the ministry of MTS. Twenty seven years ago this year I became a student at MTS, having stood before my Presbytery and declaring that I believed in my heart that God had called me to give my life to Christian Ministry. At MTS, I learned what I needed to know about how to be a pastor: how to preach the gospel with conviction, how to counsel troubled souls, how to organize a congregation for mission and evangelism, how to teach the Bible to children and youth and adults. I found in this holy place a group of men and women who were dedicated to helping me be the best pastor I could be, who saw through my rough edges and excuses someone God could use, in some way, to serve the cause of Jesus Christ in the world. And I learned that they were able to do that for me because faithful men and women had given gifts to this place to make my education affordable.

For several years after I finished seminary, I didn’t give back to MTS. I wasn’t making much money. I was paying off student loans. I had a family to support. But there came a point when I realized that I wanted to help those who came after me, the way others had helped me. Now that I am President of MTS, I have learned more fully how important the gifts of our alumni and friends are. Without them (without us, I should say), MTS could not operate. With us, with all of us doing our part, as God has blessed us, MTS can continue to provide quality theological education for the next generation of men and women who will stand and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ; who will pray for us in the hospital and teach our children and grandchildren the faith; who will comfort us in our times of sorrow and rejoice with us over accomplishments achieved. Whether you are an alumnus of MTS, or someone who has been touched by one of our graduates, or simply someone who cares deeply about the future leadership of the Church, I invite you to join me in supporting the work of MTS. Together, we are partners in the gospel, co-workers with Christ, ministers for the sake of the world.