Seminary Sunday

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“No one who is called to the ministry should be turned away because they lack the finances.”
– Dr. J. David Hester, President Emeritus of Memphis Theological Seminary


What? The generous donations of churches and individuals through their Seminary Sunday offering provide support for the education of future ministers.

Who? MTS students are answering God’s call to ministry regardless of their own personal sacrifices. The average age of an MTS student is 47. Many have faced significant hardships in responding to God’s call and have made financial sacrifices to attend seminary. They find themselves juggling careers, families and course loads. Some drive great distances and stay overnight in commuter housing once or twice a week.

Why? As the cost of a seminary education rises, students are needing more assistance to meet increased tuition expense.

See your investment grow… Donations received during Seminary Sunday go to future ministers to help alleviate the cost of a quality theological education at MTS.  The students you support today will be the leaders in your church tomorrow. Joyce Merritt is just one student among the dozens who have made major life changes in order to commit to a life of ministry.

Joyce Merritt

Joyce’s own words… “Surrendering to a call to full-ordained ministry was a high moment in my life. But when I imagined the apparent barriers, I could only expect the worst in terms of how this call could ever come to fruition. I live five hours from the seminary and was working full time. I have a husband and four children, and we had only one vehicle.

“But when I talked to my pastor, he didn’t ask about the barriers, just about the call. And I knew that what I wanted to do more than anything was to go full time to MTS. All the barriers I had imagined seemed to move aside. I’ve found that I have always been provided just enough time, just enough money and just enough energy.

“The atmosphere has been wonderfully supportive of the ‘just enough’ situation in which most MTS students find ourselves living. It is truly inspirational to hear and see the stories of so many students who are sacrificing what the world would call success, position and riches in real surrender to the call of God. Despite our surface differences of denomination, race, gender, educational and professional status, there is a beautiful unity that binds us, staff and students alike, into a community that lives to follow Christ.”


Thank you for your gifts and your prayers. If you would like more information about Seminary Sunday, please contact:

Memphis Theological Seminary
Office of Advancement
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